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I Dream

Myla Grier
1 min readAug 1, 2021

Soft skies

cotton yellow candy

Friendships never fail

Hugs linger like expensive perfume

Could we all have some?

This love, I mean

Places where all goes right

With eyes tight

Hooping and hopping are dance moves

Creating their own musical verse

Smiles abound

Lights camera action

Stars of our own movie

We dance

We love

We fun

We dream in this scene

No one interferes

No race

No hate

No Karens

No Chads

The po-po can watch if they wear

suit and tie as they take the day off

Love says, let them look but they have their own dreams (of which I hope to never be a part)

Catching the sun rays

My iris expands

Soaking it all up

I hope to carry this with me

As the alarm blares, sirens howl

Fire engines honk horns

And the reality of life

Startles me from my daring to stay

Present in my dreams.

Myla — 2021

Myla Grier

Myla is the author of God’s Daughter, an inspirational text for survivors of abuse.