Do you want to come write with me>

Do you want to take your ideas

And my ideas

Slapping them together like a pie of assimilation

Only you get to keep your shape

While I run true to form?

Do you want to take a ride with me>

Down a road of historical bamboozlement

General circus-ry and people receiving levels

Of glory and fame

Regardless of your need to be independent

Or fights for freedom here and there

People are generally who they show you to be

Come see…

Do you want to take things back>

Like the freedom granted to all people who look like me.

Some people who classify themselves as white thought

Emancipation was a bad idea

Competition usually is when you have nothing to compete with besides skin color…

Do you want to help me sew things up>

I have a country torn

Civil rights being shredded

And shards of hatred strewn about

Also more bullet proof vests are needed

I’ve got this communicated, stamped and almost done

Sew, ride, come,

Journey (Wo)man.

Myla is the author of God’s Daughter (as Myla Jones), an inspirational text written to encourage those impacted by abuse and addiction.

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